Welcome Food Corp Employee! 

Greetings employee BD-876! Thanks for downloading your FOOD CORP EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION PACK – welcome to your new exciting career in food service! Stick around and let’s get oriented to serve Food Corp!

Manage your restaurant and become our (living) employee of the hour! Humanity’s grotesque unutterable appetites never end, and neither do these queues. Keep our hungry sheep fed, and make sure you give them water!

The waves keep coming as long as you can manage, so don’t get sloppy – fail to provide peak satisfaction and we’ll dispatch a contingent of FOOD CORP SECURITY personnel to enforce Food Corp standards. 


A non-stop arcadey gulp of FOOD CORP branded energy.

  • Manage your restaurant for your corporate overlords
  • Clear each round by serving oncoming waves of patrons
  • Preserve your restaurant’s three stars by keeping patrons happy
  • Work your shift as long as you can, manage patrons’ orders and side-effects
  • Keep your restaurant in one piece against angry customers
  • Profit from tips earned from exceptional service
  • Avoid bad service and counter side-effects to keep corporate goons away
  • Top the global leaderboards with your unbeatable high-score

Development Alpha Screenshots

In Serve, you play an overworked restaurant manager, BODLY, working under the cheerful thumb of a tyrannical company called FOOD CORP. As the server you must swiftly Serve your patrons their orders, while managing the questionable side-effects FOOD CORP food products can cause.

Serve! is a non-stop arcadey gulp of FOOD CORP branded energy.

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